• Oh San Diego Comic Con how I seem to never get in you

    I spent over an hour yesterday morning fumbling with the links and the virtual line for Comic Con tickets. It’s cramped, overcrowded, wall to wall geeks and nerds which too many will be unwashed, and yet it’s all nerd mecca. I mean really, as a recent actual comic book nerd it makes me giddy to think about it. Yet, another year I won’t be going because I couldn’t get tickets for the days I wanted and not getting the 4 day pass or a Saturday pass seems worthless to me to even bother. May sound a bit defeatist but really most of the good stuff will happen Friday and Saturday and if I can be there at that time, seems pointless to go at all. I will follow as much as I can virtually and hope that maybe next year I can score a ticket to Nerd Mecca. Until then, I will just nerd it up at the local Comic Con. Keep on keeping on.

  • Getting more geeky as time goes on

    I mean I’ve had that thought for a long time but hadn’t actually posted anything about it.  My thought is that as time goes on it seems I’m actually getting more and more geeky.  Why do I say that.  Well I’m in my 30’s, I play more video games, spend 20 or 30 dollars at least every 2 weeks on comic books now, and I have started collecting graphic novels.  Now add this to being a sucker buying most of the collector editions of video games I buy, didn’t start playing D&D until my 20’s, and most of my joy is derived either from some sort of fantasy/scifi tv, books, video games, and aforementioned comic books/graphic novels.  Of course the coup de gras is that my passion and career is being a computer geek.

    I mean I’ve always had geeky tendencies but definitely more geeky now than I was when I was a kid.  Sure there is definitely money factor that I’m able to buy more stuff than when I was younger but everyone knows if you really want or need stuff when you are young, you find a way.

    Nothing too funny in this post, not that a lot of mine are anyway but it’s more of an observation.  I’m trying to get back in the habit of posting here on a more frequent basis and hopefully I can stick with it to actually build something out of this site.  As I said letting my geek flag fly!

    What say you, find yourself geeking out more as you get older or do you feel like all that stuff is for the kids and we should get our pasty asses out in the sun?

  • Blizzcon Cosplay

    It’s very difficult to not comment on the hotness of these women.  I keep coming back to one thing when I offer this video to watch.  Because boobs…  There is some serious work put into these costumes and the dedication to create such stunning and detailed costumes is absolutely amazing.  Lastly, well it’s not female cosplay without cleavage.  Woohoo!

  • Big Bang = Big Laughs

    Who else thinks Big Bang Thoery is frickin sweet? The show has gotta be one of my fav’s on TV right now. This weeks new episode has got to be one of the funniest ones to date. Course, I think it gets funnier and funnier with every episode. You can deffinetly see why Jim Parsons deserves his awards. #BigBangTheory ‘s whole cast is great. The chemistry between all the actors is awesome.

  • Price VS. Playtime

    So I’ve bought a few new games for my PS3, Rage, X-Men: Destiny, Resistance 3 and some others. Now, mind you, I have really enjoyed all the games, but what the hell is it with the prices staying at $60 bucks and the play time getting shorter? Has anyone else noticed this trend in the gaming industry, or am I imagining things?

    Now I do have to say, I would definitely recommend the three games I mentioned above. Rage is great, it’s like Borderlands meets Fallout. X-Men’s replay potential and story line is awesome. And, if you’ve played any of the Resistance games you know It’s the shit.

    But, what the hell is with these games getting shorter and shorter? It seems like everything is going to the online gaming mind set and they are just throwing in a short campaign/story mode. Almost all the online game play is the same no matter what game you play. Yet, you are still charged $60 bucks. Will we stop paying? Not a chance in hell, cause we need our game fixes. I just needed to bring this up and see if anyone else has started feeling this was as well.