Geek searches

Because I hadn’t posted anything as of late I thought I will try to find something super geeky, even past my geeky standards, to write about. So I do the usual thing, I hope on the ol’ google and then bing yet come up with horrible results. Seriously, I thought searching for “the most geeky thing ever” would give me some great results to pick and choose from. But no, alas they are mostly sucktastic results based on just individual words and not the phrase. So I do what anyone would do I give the “” to get just that phrase result and still nothing worthwhile.

Seriously you would thing geek and porn would go hand and hand (I made a funny!) on the internet. Meaning I should be able to search and find almost as good results for geek related as you do porn. Hmm now I wonder how many pages deep I go before I get a porn reference with my geek search phrase? Sadly didn’t really find any but I did come across this gem of a video

Hit the jump to see the very sad front page results on both google and bing

bing quoted search
google quote search