Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor-I want!


Holy crap, my epeen just went from 6 to high noon. They are selling replicas of the Arc Reactor from the Ironman suit, of course you have to shell out 150 bucks and well for me that will be spent on COD MW2 so I can get the nightvision googles!
Just another geeky thing to add to the collection sitting in my closet till I can display it all for awesomeiness my geeky collection is (which really isn’t saying much). This is definitely not going to bring the ladies a running well unless they are geeks too then it’s fraking sweet!

Via Gizmodo

This Arc Reactor is just a replica, so it won’t allow you to power a bionic suit that flies around and punches through walls. It will, however, make your desk that much more dorky. And that’s something. [Museum Replicas]

Gizmodo’s link