CoD Modern Warfare 2-Awesome!

I just finished the story mode of MW2; of course I still only received a 50% completion due to not getting all the items etc… I may actually run through it again just for the fun of it and to get that 100% damn it!

I love the immersion of the game play, getting the refresh course (though not really needed for most of us who played the previous games) but it is helpful still. Bouncing back and forth between some new and some old characters all over the world was very fun and kept my interest throughout the game.
Spoilers below

There have been some negative comments made about the Airport Massacre mission (that you have the option to skip), I think it needs to stay in the context of what it was intended for, as part of a fictional game and nothing more. It’s unfortunate that it is timed close to the Ft. Hood shooting. The point is that it is a pivotal part of the story for the game which leads into so many other cool things. There are so many twists and turns and betrayals in the game. I love how again they get you invested in the characters and put you in the position to see them killed and nothing can be done about it. Much like CoD4 and the crawling from the helicopter crash only to die. Going back and forth between a war torn United States to the Arctic (snow mobiles!) to Brazil and urban warfare out to remote areas like an oil drilling rig in the middle of the ocean. I also loved the scene out in space when the nuke goes off. It was unexpected and awesome to watch. Moving through the various missions was not tedious or even all that repetitive. Granted go somewhere kill people recover or defend are the standards but for me I was still kept interested in moving the story along.

I love that how they ended it with it still wide open for MW3, just sucks looking at a few years before a possible follow up to the story.

Onto the actual game play, what can be said that hasn’t already this week? Great control, fantastic range of different weapons, I’m especially fond of the thermal sighted rifles and the heartbeat sensor gun. I know I will become frustrated and angry when used against me by others who have nothing but time to cap levels within a few days versus my long months I will spend climbing the ranks.

Overall, Infinity Ward has shown why they are in business with yet another great CoD game.