Too many freaking out about MW2 mission

I’ve been reading on a few sites about the outrage sparked by the violent airport mission in Modern Warfare 2. All I can say is so what? It’s a game and needs to be looked at in that context. It’s a fictional reality where a war is sparked between the US and Russia. The timing is unfortunate with the shooting in Ft. Hood but people need to worry about more important things than a mission in a video game. One by the way you can skip if you are offended by violence like in the mission.

Spoiler and video of mission below

A quick summary of the mission is you are undercover with a group of Russian terrorists who dress up as American soldiers and slaughter everyone in a russian airport (which the airport in game is fake) and the Russians know the undercover person is just that and kills him so America can take the blame. You can watch the video below:

What sparked this is the post on Dvorak’s blog