Price VS. Playtime

So I’ve bought a few new games for my PS3, Rage, X-Men: Destiny, Resistance 3 and some others. Now, mind you, I have really enjoyed all the games, but what the hell is it with the prices staying at $60 bucks and the play time getting shorter? Has anyone else noticed this trend in the gaming industry, or am I imagining things?

Now I do have to say, I would definitely recommend the three games I mentioned above. Rage is great, it’s like Borderlands meets Fallout. X-Men’s replay potential and story line is awesome. And, if you’ve played any of the Resistance games you know It’s the shit.

But, what the hell is with these games getting shorter and shorter? It seems like everything is going to the online gaming mind set and they are just throwing in a short campaign/story mode. Almost all the online game play is the same no matter what game you play. Yet, you are still charged $60 bucks. Will we stop paying? Not a chance in hell, cause we need our game fixes. I just needed to bring this up and see if anyone else has started feeling this was as well.