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  • Getting more geeky as time goes on

    I mean I’ve had that thought for a long time but hadn’t actually posted anything about it.  My thought is that as time goes on it seems I’m actually getting more and more geeky.  Why do I say that.  Well I’m in my 30’s, I play more video games, spend 20 or 30 dollars at least every 2 weeks on comic books now, and I have started collecting graphic novels.  Now add this to being a sucker buying most of the collector editions of video games I buy, didn’t start playing D&D until my 20’s, and most of my joy is derived either from some sort of fantasy/scifi tv, books, video games, and aforementioned comic books/graphic novels.  Of course the coup de gras is that my passion and career is being a computer geek.

    I mean I’ve always had geeky tendencies but definitely more geeky now than I was when I was a kid.  Sure there is definitely money factor that I’m able to buy more stuff than when I was younger but everyone knows if you really want or need stuff when you are young, you find a way.

    Nothing too funny in this post, not that a lot of mine are anyway but it’s more of an observation.  I’m trying to get back in the habit of posting here on a more frequent basis and hopefully I can stick with it to actually build something out of this site.  As I said letting my geek flag fly!

    What say you, find yourself geeking out more as you get older or do you feel like all that stuff is for the kids and we should get our pasty asses out in the sun?

  • Blizzcon Cosplay

    It’s very difficult to not comment on the hotness of these women.  I keep coming back to one thing when I offer this video to watch.  Because boobs…  There is some serious work put into these costumes and the dedication to create such stunning and detailed costumes is absolutely amazing.  Lastly, well it’s not female cosplay without cleavage.  Woohoo!

  • Price VS. Playtime

    So I’ve bought a few new games for my PS3, Rage, X-Men: Destiny, Resistance 3 and some others. Now, mind you, I have really enjoyed all the games, but what the hell is it with the prices staying at $60 bucks and the play time getting shorter? Has anyone else noticed this trend in the gaming industry, or am I imagining things?

    Now I do have to say, I would definitely recommend the three games I mentioned above. Rage is great, it’s like Borderlands meets Fallout. X-Men’s replay potential and story line is awesome. And, if you’ve played any of the Resistance games you know It’s the shit.

    But, what the hell is with these games getting shorter and shorter? It seems like everything is going to the online gaming mind set and they are just throwing in a short campaign/story mode. Almost all the online game play is the same no matter what game you play. Yet, you are still charged $60 bucks. Will we stop paying? Not a chance in hell, cause we need our game fixes. I just needed to bring this up and see if anyone else has started feeling this was as well.

  • Buy a videocard, replace majority of the system

    Newegg is great and evil. Why you ask? I will tell you, they have their Shell Shocker deals, which can actually be a great deal on products. A couple of weeks ago, I found a sale I couldn’t refuse. I have 3 different computers that are powered on and running all the time. Hey I am a geek so that’s actually low from what it has been in the past. So anyway, I have a dedicated gaming machine, a TiVo storage machine, and my other computer that I consider my main one that is the one everything else is done on. We will call it Mordor for the purposes of this post.
    Like I said, Mordor is the pc that is the catchall machine, email, videos, pictures, day to day web surfing, etc… So last year I upgraded the machine to Windows 7 and due to the old hardware, it constantly shit itself and froze. So I finally break down and buy a new motherboard w/built-in video card, CPU, and ram. What do you know when you have 4gigs of ram and a new Athlon II X4 635, the system runs like a champ again.

    Fast forward to about a month ago, being the genius I am, when I reimaged Mordor, I did an upgrade from XP 32bit to Windows 7 32bit, now I want to add more ram to get more speed out of this pc. Unfortunately since I am running Windows 7 32bit, it won’t recognize any ram over 4gig. Way to go Microsoft! Bastards. So now I must actually reimage my computer with 64bit Windows. No problem, I do the usual backups to one of my many external drives. After all this done, I’m running 8gig ram and the system is definitely running better, awesome!
    My guilty pleasure is playing Sims 3; I am manly enough to admit that. Onboard video card can handle the Sims 3 and I have 8gig ram on this bad boy, no problem. Too bad Mordor had a different idea on running this game. It shit itself every time I try to play the game. Ok, then time to get a new video card, so I start looking for that awesome deal. Low and behold Newegg has just such a deal a few weeks ago, a brand spanking new Sapphire Ati Radeon 5870 2gig Eyefinity video card. I’m set now right? Wrong.

    Holy shit this is a big card, so big in fact, I can’t use my first PCI-E slot on the motherboard because my sata ports are in the way of where the end of the card goes. So now, I have to use my 2nd PCI-E slot but first I have to try to shift the hard drives (I have 3) around so I can fit this big bastard of a card into the slot. 30 minutes later and plenty of cursing trying to remove and reposition the hard drives so they aren’t in the way. Finally, all done! Connect everything and I’m ready to boot this bad boy, getting epeen wood thinking of the uberness that is this card! Hit the power button and all I hear is screaming from Mordor because I’ve exceeded what this power supply can take. Fuck me, off to Fry’s Electronics, new power supply gotten, go to install this bastard, fuck me again. Power supply has a fat arse and won’t fit into the case because of the top of the case fan. Keep in mind, the video card was 200 bucks and new power supply was 90, so now I’m 300 into this bastard. So I make another trip to Fry’s to get a new case, too bad they are shit at keeping stock of good cases. Alrighty, online I go and get another virtual stiffy at the new case that is now mine. Ok, I have now spent 450 for a damn video card, power supply, and a case.

    Finally, have it up and running and working like a champ. Too bad that isn’t good enough because now with the Eyefinity, I can run two monitors as one monitor that spans both screens but it would look even better with a 3rd screen. So that’s where I’m at now, searching the interwebs for that awesome deal on another 24″ monitor. Why is it that even after all this and enjoying my new video card and case, it’s still not enough and I want to add a 3rd 24″ monitor? What say you, any minor upgrades turn into several days and/or much more money spent then intended?

  • I’m back my geek friends

    Well I guess I should say I am actually going to try to start updating on a regular basis. I mean CES just happened a few weeks ago and that definitely got a rise out of my epeen. I mean seriously some of those TVs were awesome (no not the 3D ones). I don’t think I need to link to any of the news because if you are a geek or even geeky or nerdy, you have seen and read all. Hopefully next year I will be able to actually be there to visit the consumer mecca.

    What you should expect on here going forward. Well there will be a lot of talk about my change in career. I’ve always been an IT geek but now I’ve taken a job that is a bit more specialized which brings all new sets of challenges. Everything from actually managing domain environment with enforced group policies, daily interaction with SQL servers, and digging into cisco iOS, and managing a datacenter environment (not to be confused with Apple’s iOS, crap like I need to tell most reading this). Aside from my experiences I encounter with my new job which I will always need to be a bit vague about it due to not divulging anything specific to where I work and keep a bit of anonymity to the interwebs (ya right like that’s possible anymore). Aside from my job, I will start again with general geekdom from movies to shiny new toys. What else would you like to see? I am a geek of all trades when it comes to geeky stuff. I’ve done the pencil and paper DnD, played the mmorpgs, think time spent on finding awesome computer deals is not time wasted, complete gamer geek from FPS to rpgs (playing Red Dead Redemption now), and just about most other pursuits seen as geeky (except for LARPing, just never could get into that). There are some other sites I can’t go even hours without reading so sometimes I will point you there because there are always gaps in geekiness that others can fill that I don’t, like anime, just not my bag.

  • Singularity- looks good but not enough information

    This is one of those games that everything I have seen I am thinking it is looking very promising to be a good game. It’s another game that takes an alternative path with history like PS3’s Resistance games. There is a new video for the multiplayer, that I have to say looks awesome. I for one will be picking up the game as soon as I can after it is released on the 29th. What say you? Look interesting or just another shooter uses time travel as it’s hook to set it apart from BF: Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2?

  • Fist of the North Star needs to come to US

    Via ToplessRobot, I really don’t think I could say anything that hasn’t been said by TR (below). I really do hope this game gets imported to the US:

    I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this before, but Koei, makers of an infinite number of those Dynasty Warriors games where you’re one guy taking on massive crowds and so forth, is doing a Fist of the North Star game… in the same style. So instead of hacking down dozens of ancient Chinese soldiers with swords and clubs and whatever, you’re fucking Ken and you’re punching dozens of post-apocalyptic thugs and making their bodies fucking explode. This is the greatest idea for a videogame ever. It’s perfect for FotNS, and is pretty much the most entertaining thing ever. The fact that Koei added so many other characters and their own hyperviolent ways of killing people is merely whipped cream on the sundae… the sundae of death. Koei, I know no one give a shit about FotNS in America, but please please please bring this out over here. It’s the right thing to do.

    TR’s post on it.