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  • Wanted the Graphic Novel

    Sad to admit, that I’ve just read the graphic novel Wanted for the first time recently. Having said that and seeing the movie first, I was completely confused by the novel as I started reading it. I have to say I loved the graphic novel and it was much better than the movie but I was a bit confused how the deviated so much from the graphic novel for the movie.

    It reminds me of the Bourne Identity movies, I enjoyed them but they were nothing like the books. In both cases, the only similarities were the title and a few names. Everything else, completely different.

    Back to Wanted, for the movie, where the hell did the whole curving bullets come from? I don’t recall anything about it in the novel. The movie really didn’t do the book any justice in its warped take of it.

    Of course another series they did that with is the Jumper book vs. movie. The first two books about the character from Jumper are good and interesting. Then the author decides to write a third book to go along with the movie adaption of the story that completely ruins it.

    I understand some things just don’t translate well from books to a movie but in case of Wanted, they really could have done a better job. The whole super-villain thing was a very unique and interesting take on our world but I guess a dark villain ridden world with just as dark story to go with it wouldn’t fill the seats in theaters especially with the justification of earning 341 million worldwide for the film and a possibility of a sequel….