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  • I’m back my geek friends

    Well I guess I should say I am actually going to try to start updating on a regular basis. I mean CES just happened a few weeks ago and that definitely got a rise out of my epeen. I mean seriously some of those TVs were awesome (no not the 3D ones). I don’t think I need to link to any of the news because if you are a geek or even geeky or nerdy, you have seen and read all. Hopefully next year I will be able to actually be there to visit the consumer mecca.

    What you should expect on here going forward. Well there will be a lot of talk about my change in career. I’ve always been an IT geek but now I’ve taken a job that is a bit more specialized which brings all new sets of challenges. Everything from actually managing domain environment with enforced group policies, daily interaction with SQL servers, and digging into cisco iOS, and managing a datacenter environment (not to be confused with Apple’s iOS, crap like I need to tell most reading this). Aside from my experiences I encounter with my new job which I will always need to be a bit vague about it due to not divulging anything specific to where I work and keep a bit of anonymity to the interwebs (ya right like that’s possible anymore). Aside from my job, I will start again with general geekdom from movies to shiny new toys. What else would you like to see? I am a geek of all trades when it comes to geeky stuff. I’ve done the pencil and paper DnD, played the mmorpgs, think time spent on finding awesome computer deals is not time wasted, complete gamer geek from FPS to rpgs (playing Red Dead Redemption now), and just about most other pursuits seen as geeky (except for LARPing, just never could get into that). There are some other sites I can’t go even hours without reading so sometimes I will point you there because there are always gaps in geekiness that others can fill that I don’t, like anime, just not my bag.