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  • Oh San Diego Comic Con how I seem to never get in you

    I spent over an hour yesterday morning fumbling with the links and the virtual line for Comic Con tickets. It’s cramped, overcrowded, wall to wall geeks and nerds which too many will be unwashed, and yet it’s all nerd mecca. I mean really, as a recent actual comic book nerd it makes me giddy to think about it. Yet, another year I won’t be going because I couldn’t get tickets for the days I wanted and not getting the 4 day pass or a Saturday pass seems worthless to me to even bother. May sound a bit defeatist but really most of the good stuff will happen Friday and Saturday and if I can be there at that time, seems pointless to go at all. I will follow as much as I can virtually and hope that maybe next year I can score a ticket to Nerd Mecca. Until then, I will just nerd it up at the local Comic Con. Keep on keeping on.